What's this all about?
The #seapoleproject is a creative movement rooted in the principle that 'public displays of kindness & generosity are the rich soil in which communities grow.'

Behind the Pole Project 
This entire project is all thanks to BlackAdderPress, who is based in Newburyport, Ma, where he started the portpoleproject. I saw his posts during the pandemic and was inspired by his spirit and the very basis of what the portpoleproject was all about. In addition, the no-strings-attached method of making art accessible in this way is something I was able to jump into right away. Seattle's local community also works in a way that something like this would be accepted, which I also found encouraging.
The motto of the portpoleproject in the words of BAP himself, is 'it is a creative movement rooted in the principle that public displays of kindness & generosity are the rich soil in which communities grow.'
That is a mindset I highly identified with, so I reached out about starting my own chapter of the project, I was delighted that he was so excited and accepting of my involvement! Thus, the seapoleproject was born!

The Seattle Chapter
While I first reached out in the summertime of 2021, to ask permission to start a Seattle chapter for the poleproject, and permission was more than granted. I didn't actually put out my first seapoleproject drop for quite a few more months. I wanted to make sure the assets I received were properly fitted for Seattle while also giving the proper respect and homage to where it came from, and who created the entire thing from the start.
Currently, I am the only one officially participating in this chapter, however, I want to encourage anyone and everyone who may be interested in this project to be able to do so. Therefore, the assets I created for seapoleproject are available to download for free. They include text prompts to help you get started with making your own labels, and even ready-to-print labels for you to use if you wish, contact information, encouragement, and more. 
Custom logos for each location

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